Accepted Papers

Full papers (14)

Fereshteh Razmi, Li Xiong and Jian Lou. Does Differential Privacy Prevent Backdoor Attacks in Practice?
Fariha Ishrat Rahman, Sadaf Md Halim, Anoop Singhal and Latifur Khan. ALERT: A Framework for Efficient Extraction of Attack Techniques from Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports Using Active Learning
Mahmoud Abdelgawad and Indrakshi Ray. Resiliency Analysis of Mission-critical System of Systems Using Formal Methods
Tassos Dimitriou. Visor: Privacy-preserving Reputation for Decentralized Marketplaces
Giorgia Sirigu, Barbara Carminati and Elena Ferrari. Human Digital Twins: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Access Control Through Views Pre-Materialisation
Emmanuel Dana Buedi, Ali Ghorbani, Sajjad Dadkhah and Raphael Lionel Ferreira. Enhancing EV Charging Station Security Using A Multi-dimensional Dataset : CICEVSE2024
Saquib Irtiza, Xiaodi Li, Mahmoud Zamani, Latifur Khan and Kevin W. Hamlen. VulPrompt: Prompt-based Vulnerability Detection using Few-shot Graph Learning
Saptarshi De Chaudhury, Likhith Reddy Morreddigari, Matta Varun, Tirthankar Sengupta, Sandip Chakraborty, Shamik Sural, Jaideep Vaidya and Vijayalakshmi Atluri. Incentivized Federated Learning with Local Differential Privacy using Permissioned Blockchains
Fatima Zahra Qachfar and Rakesh Verma. All Your LLMs Belong To Us: Experiments with a New Extortion Phishing Dataset
Md Shihabul Islam, Mahmoud Zamani, Kevin W. Hamlen, Latifur Khan and Murat Kantarcioglu. Ensuring End-to-End IoT Data Security & Privacy through Cloud-Enhanced Confidential Computing
Mian Yang, Vijayalakshmi Atluri, Shamik Sural and Jaideep Vaidya. A Graph-based Framework for ABAC Policy Enforcement and Analysis
Tieming Geng and Chin-Tser Huang. SmartSSD-Accelerated Cryptographic Shuffling for Enhancing Database Security
Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Sara Foresti, Valerio Ghirimoldi and Pierangela Samarati. DT-Anon: Decision Tree Target-Driven Anonymization
Sabrina Friedl, Tobias Reittinger and Günther Pernul. From Play to Profession: A Serious Game to Raise Awareness on Digital Forensics

Short papers (6)

Kéren A Saint-Hilaire, Christopher Neal, Frédéric Cuppens, Nora Boulahia-Cuppens and Makhlouf Hadji. Optimal Automated Generation of Playbooks
Alexander Puchta, Thomas Baumer, Mathis Müller and Günther Pernul. IAM Meets CTI: Make Identity and Access Management ready for Cyber Threat Intelligence
Xiujuan Wang, Qipeng Li and Shuaibing Lu. Adaptive Image Adversarial Example Detection Based on Class Activation Mapping
Yong Zhi Lim, Wen Qing Ong Perry and Jianying Zhou. Towards Atomicity and Composability in Cross-Chain NFTs
Seyni Kane and Anis Bkakria. A Privacy-Preserving Graph Encryption Scheme Based on Oblivious RAM
Arun Reddy and Yuan Cheng. User Perception of CAPTCHAs: A Comparative Study between University and Internet Users